flexible spines for flies….

courtesy of Flymen Fishing Company

courtesy of Flymen Fishing Company

More toys to play with from Flymen Flyfishing Co.

Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish Spine
The Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish-Spine™ is an innovative system of interconnected, articulated shanks that combine to form a multi-jointed, “fish spine” upon which incredibly animate and realistic baitfish patterns can be tied.
Available July 15.


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6 thoughts on “flexible spines for flies….

  1. bonefish27@aol.com

    always something new. How did the speech go last night? When did you get home? I will stick with Steve Anderson’s Gobie Fly

  2. ondafly

    the san diego fly fishers are a great group, i think they are charged up for the next tide cycle…it was a lot of fun. got home around 11pm

    • I saw Steve Piper’s post on Fliflicker and it sounds like it was a great event! Will you be conducting any future seminars in OC or IE?

      • ondafly

        the next presentation is on July 13th, Saturday, 7pm in Long Beach. It will be at the Long Beach Casting Club for the Sierra Fly Fishers, all are welcome…

  3. Nice, see you then! I actually learned to cast/tie at the LBCC way back when, say ’68. Family friend was the club president….

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