making it look easy…

photos by John Dietch

photos by John Dietch

Here’s a few that were landed this morning by friend, John Dietch in the Southland. Looks like John’s fish ate a grey merkin. John had been having a tough time the past few outings but closed the deal this morning with a nice fish that was fair caught on the fly. His buddy from back east,  I hear has been putting a hurt on the fish the past few days like there’s nothing to it…


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6 thoughts on “making it look easy…

  1. jim

    Frijoles Everywhere! Everyone get with it! You can go Mild, Medium, or Super Insanely Hot! I like my beans on the crazy side. LMFAO – Solly


    I thought you said no arm extended fish will ever make your blog??? Those are nice and the surf there is much smaller than at MB. Current was ripping to the North as well.

  3. ondafly

    we make exceptions for those out of towners John! LOL

  4. Jim

    John: Your extended arm caused you the rotator damage. Does that mean…….LMFAO – Solly

  5. Bob M

    Wonderful walk this 29th of June celebrating Sylvia’s Bday. A perch, halibut and the last 2 fish…both Beans at 8:20ish.

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