corbina voodoo…

uno! photo by Al Q

uno! photo by Al Q

dos! photo by Al Q

dos! photo by Al Q


this summed it up for me! photo by Al Q

this summed it up for me! photo by Al Q

nice field and stream shot by Jim Solomon!

nice field and stream shot by Jim Solomon!

redemption. photo by Jim Solomon

redemption. photo by Jim Solomon

is the voodoo off?  stay by Jim Solomon

is the voodoo off? stay tuned…photo by Jim Solomon

well we decided to move around a little since the reports have been from all over the south bay. the corbina are literally on everywhere. we went to location x this morning, a place we haven’t fished in a long time. when we arrived in grey light, the beans had their backs completely out of the water and were bombing the beach like a WWII raid in Normandy. it was not hard to spot them, the early low tide had them sliding up and down, in groups of threes and tens. all big fish with stout shoulders. my buddy jim was first to hook up and landed a nice one to my right. He ended the day with two. my other friend rick got one. I had the corbina voodoo this morning. I could not close the deal. I hooked  7 fish and had six stick, on the reel, but they all unbuttoned. it was comical! the cool part was that I was seeing and hooking fish, watching their rhythms, sliding and later cruising inside waves, the bad part was they were all unbuttoning. Finally the last one stuck and we slide her up on the beach. as I was fighting this fish I mutter something like, come to poppa! at that point it didn’t really matter if she unbuttoned, I was fishing with my buds, with fish all around us, on a secluded beach, sight casting! too cool for words… 🙂





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8 thoughts on “corbina voodoo…

  1. Jim Solomon

    Al: This is what it is about! Great fishin and camaraderie! What a day to remember in our lives. Like the old days that are now the new. Big fish everywhere on the hunt and hunted by the Voodoo Dawn Patrol! This fishery just keeps on getting better. We are very fortunate to live in this part of the Hood. Jim


    Al, Great day by you guys. Glad it came together for you all. I know you will have to kill me, but where is x beach. Does not look like my Tues spot.


    Do you think your fish went 5 pounds? did you get a length?

  3. warren fox

    As a newbie, I went for a short time this morning and, to my surprise, caught one bean and spooked 10 others. I got the fish spooking down to a science. Not to sure about the catching.

    • ondafly

      Hey Warren, that is great buddy! congrats on you corbina. try not to get too close to the water, I know it is hard to do but hey will feel you vibrations when you walk and can see your profile if you are too close…

  4. Excellent job guys. Need to get out there and sample some of that South Bay action myself.

  5. Scott Swanton

    I’m loving it, Al. It’s Scott up here in Nevada City wishing that I was down there.

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