riding high: seasons on the fly

photo courtesy of waterline media

photo courtesy of waterline media

check out this beautifully shot, video short from waterline media which won “best fishing” & best cinematography” categories at the drake fly fishing awards in new orleans documenting sight fishing tarpon in florida. today’s hi def digital cameras and hand held go-pros are glorifying the natural migrations of tarpon that have been around for millions of years, allowing new eyes to witness some of the most amazing fly fishing opportunities we have in some of our country’s backyards. if you have never sight fished for tarpon this will get your blood boiling for sure… i could only imagine if steve huff, george hommell, stu apt or any of the great saltwater pioneers in the keys 50 years ago had this digital technology what we could have witnessed through their eyes, especially when these fisheries were wild and untapped? we are only left with great stories from the good old days. thankfully seasons on the fly gives us that glimpse of what the glory days of tarpon in the keys were really like… click here!

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2 thoughts on “riding high: seasons on the fly

  1. Jerry Pierce

    Nice video. Thanks Al.


  2. Graham

    No GoPros where used btw, those things are terrible for production but great for the average person. Thanks for the write up. Glad to see other tarpon nuts. Also those legends you mentioned did document a lot for back then considering the price of 16mm film and before it aged and tarnished over time from chemical breakdown, the colors, pixels if scanned, and latitude actually surpassed anything in the digital realm until just the past few years with extremely high end digital cinema cameras like the Red Epic and Arri Alexa. I interviewed a lot of those names the past few years for “50” which is a short film for this years F3T about the legacy of the Gold Cup Tarpon Fly Tournament. Most of the guys feel the best tarpon fishing past and present has always been further up the coast. The Keys get all of the glory, but the west coast gets all of the girls (female tarpon are much larger).

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