a fallen bean landed by Santa Monica's own, Bernard Yin this morning on a clouser tied by yours by Bernard Yin

a fallen bean landed this morning by Santa Monica’s own, Bernard Yin on a clouser tied by yours truly…photo by Bernard Yin


The corbina are where they should be, in small pieces of structure (troughs) littered along our south bay flat beaches. best times to fish them is the early morning light when this fish are staging or getting ready to move onto the flats in search of crabs those high sand crab beds…it won’t be long before they begin to crawl around in shallow water and we can sight fish them…water needs to be a touch warmer and our swell need to flatten out… one quick note, keep those hooks razor sharp, Bernard made a point, (no pun intended) sharpening his hook this morning after losing a few fish the last few days, I also suggested he up his tippet to 12 pound. I like to fish 12# and have more confidence pulling on the bigger fish and landing them. They are not leader shy in the surf zone. The proof is in the picture, way to go Bernard!

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2 thoughts on “bingo…

  1. Randy Norris

    Nice fish, congrats.

  2. Fished Sunday around 10:30 am off burnout fished a variant of the flies on the blog a corbina candy and a beach bug. surf was at the high tide mark and descending water turned cold along with the weather plus lots a cabbage and rough surf….nada!

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