sardine fly, a work in progress!

Every now and then you tie a fly that looks good enough to eat! This fly is solely tied with steve farar blended materials, which are basically slinky fiber and angel hair blended together. The result is a beautiful blended fly with color and flash.


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4 thoughts on “sardine fly, a work in progress!

  1. Jim

    Nice AL, really enticing. SF fibers rock. jim


    Sweet, I picked up a rod at the pond after my shift and made a few casts. First time touching a rod since the surgery.

  3. Joe

    Great looking fly Al! Is the material available in bulk and what are the color choices?

    • ondafly

      hey joe: great to hear from you. the sf material doesn’t come in bulk, however according to Steve Farrar, you can blend your own using one pack of slinky fiber, to three packs of angel hair, put it all on a table and roll it together until it all appears as one color. you can order the various packs from local fly shops or a good resource on many colors can be found online at saltwater edge hope this helps!

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