hot tuna!


big payday from mustad for the yellowfin tuna igfa world class tackle record. iphone photo by Al Q

One of the highlights working the Fred Hall show on Thursday afternoon was witnessing the award ceremony for the IGFA world class yellowfin tuna (427 lbs) caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last September 18th by Guy Yocum. Guy used a Melton rod and Shimano Tiagra reel loaded with 100lb test. The tuna was caught on a chunk. Nice one boys!

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2 thoughts on “hot tuna!

  1. Randy Norris

    Tuna Like the chunk. They like the fly in the chunk too. Tuna time is coming.


    I could have done that on a fly rod. I bought some Owner hooks for flys. Expensive, but maybe worth it. The company is based in Orange Co. Buy American.

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