tasty baitfish flies…


These flies are SF blended swim baits in different flavors courtesy of Al Q. I will be tying thes e at the Fred Hall show this Thursday between 2 – 6 pm in the FFF booth. photo by Al Q

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6 thoughts on “tasty baitfish flies…

  1. Stanley Beringhele

    Looking good u have a pasta one

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    • ondafly

      hey stan: we can do some pasta con sarde with toasted breadcrumbs on top…

  2. Peter Koga


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  3. Randy Norris

    They look fantastic. I am wondering what might be the best pattern for an anchovy to fish the big YT coming up the line next month. maybe a 3 inch pattern that is pretty slim. Also a similar pattern for offshore this summer imitating the smaller sardines found on the paddies. B They need to be pretty slim as the offshore fish don’t like thick flies. These look like they could do some damage.

    • ondafly

      we may have to throw a few to see Randy. I will give ya a call, and send ya some!

      • Randy Norris

        It’s a deal!! Summer is around the corner. Mako madness is a month or so away.

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