the hawaiian “o’io” syndicate…


The Hawaiian Syndicate: from left: Roy Fukushima, Zino Nagasuji, Al Quattrocchi & Peter “o’io” Koga at Marriotts Fly Shop in Fullerton, California.



the new Q “Mikey Mantis” fly in a long and short versions. Soon to be tested on those finicky monster bonefish. ©2013 photo by Al Q.

thanks for those who showed up to see Zino’s great “big bonefish” presentation at Marriotts yesterday at 12:30pm. we had a nice turnout and Zino covered a lot of great information. my favorite part of his presentation was the underwater footage of some of the flies Zino likes to use for the solitary big double digit bonefish that lurk the flats of Hawaii. the thin lizzy was unreal, underwater…we even came up with another pattern based on some of Zino’s feedback which has been entitled the micky mantis. it is really easy to tie and the addition of silly legs as a wing will give this fly some extra movement without stripping the fly, a key element in enticing larger fish. stay tuned for the micky mantis…

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    Q, Nice group Call me.

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