fall is upon us…

as the water temps start to slowly drop, we should see some nice barred surf perch showing up in our local surf, like this one landed this morning by Jim Solomon. Photo by Al Q

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3 thoughts on “fall is upon us…

  1. Ryan

    Very nice catch! Wondering, might you suggest a few beaches for a SoCal newbie to try out? I’d love to give it a go but I’m still figuring out where to head out to.

    • ondafly

      Will Rodgers in Santa Monica by the lifeguard station is a popular spot. El Porto off 45th street is also a good spot. Rat beach (Right After Torrance) can be productive. As with any beach you have to fish them on a regular basis to be learn their nuances. Some beaches fish better on different tides. For perch it is good to fish the incoming to high and the out going off the high tide. Perch like moving water so pick a day when the tide has a good swing. Any small clouser style fly in red or brown/orange will get noticed…good luck.

  2. Ryan

    That’s very helpful info, a big thanks for taking the time to share some knowledge. Will Rodgers is just a short hop from my Venice doorstep, will definitely check it out on the right tides you mention. Cheers!

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