a fisherman’s view

© illustration by Tim Gunther

Fly fisherman, biologist, diver, lifeguard and artist extraordinaire, Tim Gunther puts his touch on some of California’s best known species. I have been an admirer of Tim’s work for many years.

” I have been drawn to the outdoors for as long as I can remember. The complex beauty of the natural world continues to amaze and inspire me.”  –Tim Gunther

Check out some more of Tim’s work on his website! Click Here!

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2 thoughts on “a fisherman’s view

  1. JW

    Very cool art, where is that guy a lifeguard? His abalone and white sea bass are outstanding. I fished in the rain for the tourney this Sunday. Rough conditions. Cento had given me a hot tip but of course that was yesterdays news. I managed two perch for all my work. Down at RAT the sand crab boys gat 5 or 6 corbina and won the tourney. Any news on Montauk

  2. ondafly

    Hey John:
    your comments are very welcomed but please send personal messages to my email address…


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