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somerset flyfishing show…

What a great time me and my flyfishing/fly tying friend, Peter Koga had tying flies at the Somerset Flyfishing show this past weekend. I worked the show tying for Tuffleye and helping out in booth with owners, Ashley and her dad, Ned Lunt. Jason Taylor, Peter Koga, and the master, Bob Popovics all dropped in and tied flies at our booth during the three day event.

For me, originally from Brooklyn, it always feels like a high school reunion when I come back east to the Somerset show in particular. Having the opportunity to see so many talented east coast friends in one place, always blows me away. This show in my opinion is the best of the best. I am always humbled by so many great fly tiers there, too many to name and I always come away inspired, like a kid in a candy store. It’s a great place to shop for prime fly tying materials as well. Chuck and Ben Furimsky do a nice job organizing this event. I hear next year it will not be in Somerset, there will be a new location to be announced.

This year’s show was well attended with packed aisles, we even had a cameo appearance by Donald Jr. and his secret service as they strolled down each aisle chatting with all the vendors and fly fisherman. Highlights of the show for me was sitting with Bob Pop and just watching him tie and dinner with old friends Lily Renzetti, Ned Lunt, Ashley Armbruster, Peter Koga and hearing Bob Clouser tell us some of the most hilarious fishing stories, I haven’t laughed or cried that hard in a while.

If any of you have not tried the Tuffleye brand of products and have any questions, please forward them to me and I will do my best to help answer you. Tuffleye in my opinion is the best light cured acrylic on the market using non UV, visible blue light. Its a safe product that has been used in the dental profession for over sixty years. Bob Popovics turned me on to this when it first hit the market and I haven’t used drop of epoxy since. Visit the Wet-A-Hook technologies website here!

Check out this cool VIDEO by my friend Capt. Ray Stachelek


Al Q and Howler Bros / Costa Sunglasses poster child, Oliver White.


My man man and fly tying mentor, Bob Popovics.


Long line, Mark Sedotti, Al Q and the greatest tournament caster of all time, Steve Rajeff at the G Loomis booth.


Squid fly tied by Al Q with a Tuffleye/Popovics squid foil using flex, a soft flexible cured acrylic


Bob Popovics and Ned Lunt of Tuffleye


Old friend, John McMurray of One More Cast, popped by to say hello! John got fifty stitches in his lip from a surfing accident but it didn’t affect his smile. LOL


These two young fellas just needed a hug. Nothing I can say that can reflect how much admiration I have for these two guys…


Peter Laurelli, one of my favorite fly fishing film makers. Check out Peter in the new “Running the Coast ” video by Jamie Howard.


Jonny King, one of the best fly tyers on the planet. Always good to check-in and hang with Jonny…


Two of the finest people and fly tiers, Jason Taylor and David Nelson hanging at the Tuffleye booth.


After dinner, group shot in the hotel lobby. Scott Stryker and Lily Renzetti far left. Scott is one hell of a fly tyer…


Pat Cohen at his booth. Pat is one talented dude. It was fun hanging with him this year.


Bob Popovics demonstrating a flex candy in th e Tuffleye booth.


Bob Popovics tying the Beast! Worth the price of admission for sure!


Bob Popovics tying the Beast! Worth the price of admission for sure!


Ashley Armbruster, my buddy and the Queen of Tuffleye.

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icast recap…

top left: geofish boys, top right: no explanation needed, bottom left: the waterfall of tinsel with john frazier in bg, next: tuffleye squid foil fly tied by the Qman, bottm right: lefty, ned lunt, president of tuffleyand al  q


top left: geofish boys, top right: no explanation needed, bottom left: the waterfall of tinsel with john frazier in bg, next: tuffleye squid foil fly tied by the Qman, bottm right: lefty, ned lunt, president of tuffleyand al q

Well I arrived back from Las Vegas on friday night, my Southwest flight got bumped a few hours but that’s par these days. Icast was a blast, it was really cool that the entire industry was represented under one roof. In the past,  the International Fly Fishing show has been in Denver and recently in New Orleans as a solo event. My only concern was they had the fly guys on one side of the Convention center. I feel that the fishing industry should be represented as one industry, especially since this was a great opportunity for it all to be under one roof. I felt the fly guys were a little too isolated and sort of thrown to one side. I hope they can intergrate everyone at the next one in Orlando 2014. I feel it will help us to cross over a little more and build more enthusiasm in our fly fishing industry. That said, it was overall a fantastic show showcasing all the new products for next year. It is also a great conference to meet up with many old east coast faces that I do not get to see very often, sort of like a high school reunion. I was invited to tie some flies for Ned Lunt and Ashley Armbruster of Wet a Hook technologies and Tuffleye acrylic fly tying products. We tried to feature the new Bob Popovic’s  fleye foils such as the candy and squid series. Really easy and durable flies to tie and cure that represent simple baits and squids. I want to make a couple of notes about Tuffleye that I really need some of our young California fly tiers need to hear! Please take this to heart…

Tuffleye DOES NOT USE UV!!!!! It is a MEDICAL grade, FDA approved safe acrylic that has been around for over forty five years in the dental and medical industries. It what dentists use in your mouth. It uses VISIBLE BLUE LIGHT that will not harm your eyes as long as you never look into the light directly. Visible blue light is like the blue you see in the rainbow! UV is invisible,  your eyes can not react to it like visible light. UV is dangerous! THIS IS REALLY AN IMPORTANT ISSUE!  UV has been known to cause skin cancer and cataracts, that is why I choose not to fool with it. UV can cause accumulative damage, like smoking. One or two cigarettes won’t harm you but smoking packs of cigarettes over many years will catch up to you. Since I began using Tuffleye, thanks to Bob Popovics (who has more experience with epoxy than anyone I know tying fies) I can not live without it and it has changed the way I think and tie flies. Tuffleye is a great product! Please visit the Tuffleye Website for more info!

Ned Lunt is a dentist an chemist, has made sure that his product was a very safe choice for fly tiers to use to replace epoxy without UV! I use it with a clear conscience on all my flies for durability in saltwater.


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