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feathers & cocktails no.2

This is hopefully going to be some sort of a series. There is no rhyme or reason to when they will happen. Best to check this website. I will be doing a fly tying demo of the classic EP Peanut Butter, you are welcome to bring a vice and tie along. I would like to invite my friends and fellow fly fisherman to attend. Its free and something to help build community. Hope to see some new and old faces out there…. the first one we did was the EP Spawning Shrimp and I think there was some good info exchanged and I know we had a few laughs for sure. The EP peanut butter is a simple, yet effective small bait pattern that can represent any baitfish depending on the colors you choose. From a Bluegill to a Pinfish, i will do a classic Black/Purple used for everything from tarpon to freshwater bass… Cheers – Al Q

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