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the squid foil fleyes by bob popovics



I was recently in Somerset, New Jersey to attend the Fly Fishing show and see many of my old fishing pals. While there I ran into Bob Popovics, who is one of my favorite fly fishing mentors and good friends. Bob has just come out with a neat fleye foil squid. Squid foils are basically little decals or stickers that have tabs which you can tie directly onto the front of the hook, one on both sides. there is a place holder for a decal eye. You tie in some material, then attach the foils, then add tuffleye or epoxy between the foil and over the eyes.Below is a drawing I just did for Bob, which should end up on the packaging. You can see the idea…

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 2.10.48 PM


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