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delta days may be coming to an end…

Jim chucking a few flies on the way up north to the CA Delta at the CA Aquaduct. photo by Al Q

A nice black bass landed on fly by Al Q. Photo by Jim Solomon

Al Q and Rick Olson of Olson Visual created these one of a kind striped bass cutouts, this one was donated to the Simms Pro Day Raffle and Jim Solomon won it. LOL It traveled over 600 miles. photo by Bill Matthews

Al Q casting like he’s in a bowl of jello, slowing it down. Great advice from our friend, Diana Rudolf. photo by Jim Solomon

Perry Sims came down with his green jet boat and got us on a few. Fun fishing with him. Photo by Al Q

Jimmy whispering sweet things to a captive striped bass. LOL Photo by Al Q

One of the most important parts of being at the Simms Delta Pro Day, besides learning about new gear and being with friends was getting educated on issues.
This one below is very serious and needs attention from all fisherman….please read

Hearing Jim Stone speak passionately about the new legislation regarding the water rights and removal of indigenous species like striped bass and black bass which are unfairly being villanized for eating the salmon smolt is real. These species have co-existed for almost a century with no impact on each other. The wealthy farmers want water and want to drain the Delta, its become a political battle with no regard to science. They have spent millions in court. This is how they plan to implement their bogus policy, starting with eliminating species. Dec 11th is the last day of the fight and if we lose, the CA Delta will be lost to recreational fishing regarding stripers and bass for future generations to come. If you live near the bay area, you need to take the day off and show up to make our last stand. This is very serious, and NO JOKE. It will be over for your grand children, guides, and all who enjoy this great fishery.



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simms pro day in the delta…

My good friend John Sherman hosted the 5th Simms Pro Day at the Sugar Barge on Bethal Island this past Saturday. It all took place on the door step of the massive California Delta and the event had a record turnout. There were over 140 registered Simms pros & ambassadors, both conventional bass anglers and fly angers present, including many Simms staffers from their Bozeman headquarters in Montana. It was quite the event and after party. Costa and Hatch both had displays. Simms and Hatch are represented by John in their respected California territories. Each manufacturer talked to us about their new product lines and the thinking /technology that goes into making their products superior. There were seminars on guiding, Simms products and manufacturing techniques, and using social media to help boost sales and your guiding business. It was my first attended Simms Pro Day, with a new family it’s been tough breaking away over the last four years, but I was glad to finally get there to see many old friends in the industry. I have fished the Delta many times in the past ten or more years. I took my friend Zino Nakasuji, he had never fished that area and I was excited for him to get the opportunity to land his first CA striper on the fly. Sherman arranged for us to fish with Ben Byng and his pal Steve Potter the morning of the event. It was funny when they saw OUR names on the email, Ben told his buddy Steve, “Hey we have a bunch of italians fishing with us, Zino & Quattrocchi, LOL. Little did they know Zino was Japanese. It’s HILARIOUS because I thought Ben was Vietnamese and he turned out to be caucasian, never judge a book by it’s cover, right? Anyhow we had a great time, lots of laughs and a very short window to fish due to the foggy delta conditions and the opening of bird season. Both Ben and Steve are monster fly tiers which made conversation easy, talking shop. The highlight of our morning was the great company we shared amidst the eery shotgun explosions and birds honking. Steve’s wife Linda had prepared an amazing Italian brunch which the guys kind of held a secret. After landing a few fish, it was time to take a break so Steve reaches under the seat and pulls out a woven basket that was covered full of freshly baked, focaccia bread. Then he busts out a large wooden wine box, slides open the cover to unveil four wine glasses, a bottle of vino and a plate of smoked cheese wrapped in italian prosciutto, are you kidding me? I am used to maybe a power bar, some nuts and a bottled water, if I am lucky. What an unexpected, but welcomed spread. I think Linda, who Steve said was of German descent, is in my book now as an honorary Sicilian. We felt like we were in the Brooklyn hanging out with the old gumbas from the neighborhood. Thanks to Ben and Steve for making our morning memorable and thanks to John Sherman for hooking us up with great people. We ended up with a handful of small stripers and a few black bass on fly, but it was the camaraderie, stories we shared and friendship forged that made our few hours together special, and thats what fly fishing is all about folks…

the launch at Sugar Barge, fogged in. Photo by Al Q

the launch at Sugar Barge, fogged in. iphoto by Al Q

beautiful eery fog bank in Frank's Tract. iphoto by Al Q

beautiful eery fog bank in Frank’s Tract. iphoto by Al Q

Zino lands his first Delta pajama fish. Photo by Ben Byng

Zino lands his first Delta pajama fish. Photo by Ben Byng

This is how they roll in the Delta. What a spread. Photo by Ben Byng

This is how they roll in the Delta. What a spread. Photo by Ben Byng

A happy Qman, feeling no pain in the Delta. Photo by Ben Byng

A happy Qman, feeling no pain in the Delta. Photo by Ben Byng

A little desert striper. Photo by Ben Byng

A little desert striper. Photo by Ben Byng

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