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save the date…


I have teamed up with my friends at Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing Store and many other close fly fishing friends to do a “Thank You Lefty” Day at the fly shop. I really think it is important to celebrate Lefty Kreh’s life here on the west coast, whether you knew him personally or not or saw him at the fly shows of past, he was one of the most powerful influential forces for any of us that waved a fly rod, in salt or freshwater. His casting techniques, sense of humor, articles, wit and blue collar approach to simplifying one of the most complicated pastimes goes without parallel. On Saturday, November 17th we will celebrate Lefty’s life and legendary status in our flyfishing industry. We will show films, tie Lefty’s Deceivers, have some of the best casting instructors on the planet explain his style and teaching approach to casting, do an interview with Bob Marriott who first hand, traveled the globe fly fishing with Lefty, tie some Lefty loop knots, tell some funny stories and jokes in memory of a man that really had no equal…hope to see ya there.

-Al Q

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thank you lefty day…


Hope to see you all on this fun, tribute to Lefty Kreh, “Thank You Lefty Day” on Saturday, November 17th at Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing Store from 11am to 3 pm. Lefty “Bernard” Kreh was one of the most famous fly fishing personalities and fishing legends in the world. We will have demos in tying Lefty Deceivers, tying Lefty Non-Slip Loop knots, Lefty’s Unique Casting Style with the experts and I will interview Bob Marriott about being a close friend to Lefty and traveling around the world pioneering new fly destinations with him in the early days of saltwater fly fishing. Hope to see ya there…

If anyone is interested in tying deceivers or half & halfs that day, please contact me!



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lefty’s email…

I wanted to share this, some of you might have seen this on Facebook already. Lefty sent out an email to his friends, last week,  letting them know how he is doing these days. He is doing fine, resting at home, listening to his doctor, (one of the best in the world) taking it easy, keeping his mind active (he’s as sharp as a tack) and enjoying his twilight years working on fishing stuff. I spoke to some of his close friends the other day and we all agree, Lefty is never short of a joke and was always there when we needed him. Always quick with advice and knowledge, he mentored me and countless others, he truly is a special human being and we all wish him “All The Best”!

To my friends,

I was 92 in January and had a carotid artery operation. During testing the hospital determined my heart was only pumping 35% and must limit my physical activities followed by a rest. The industry was extremely helpful and last season was able to attend the shows, clinics, etc.

Several weeks ago, I realized I was developing another problem, which is normal for someone nearly 93. It turns out I have congested heart failure. My pacemaker revealed there was a series of very rapid hear beats, which could cause a stroke. Fortunately a lot of doctor/friends are fly-fisherman and worked with me. In summary I have to give up travel and presentations as in the past.

Everyone produces a certain amount of fluid in the body and excretes the excess. Because of the low heartbeat my body is not getting rid of all the fluids and I gained weight.  My best friend Dr. Mark Lamos put me in the hospital and with back procedure they twice removed a liter and a half of fluid from my chest. After five days in the hospital. I lost weight.

A week or so later I starting gaining weight again so it was back in the hospital for the same treatment. They reduced most of the fluid and returned home. I determined I was not going to continue back to the hospital. Mark decided to use medicine to control the excess fluid. It’s been a fine-tuning situation but looks like it’s starting work.

This means the schedule I lived for decades is no longer valid and will spend most my time at home. As we get older we learn to adjust to what we can and cannot do. I have a number of interesting computer home projects on the computer and busier than a Syrian bricklayer. I’m not frustrated and I’m content My problem is I don’t have a lot of stamina and have to work around that. If Marks medical system works I should be busy  and around for a year or two.

I would like to be able to send this email to my friends but I don’t really know how to do this. So I’m asking others to help me spread the word through email. Because my lack of energy and stamina I having trouble answering emails (there are more than 400 on the computer) and not talking much on the phone. This is not meant to be unfriendly is learning to adjuster my situation.

In summary I’m busy and content but I want you to know I am so appreciative you’ve have shared your lives with me.

All The Best Friends,


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an all-star cast for the holiday season

The Complete Cast – Applying Principles to Fresh & Saltwater Fly Casting (DVD)

photo courtesy of Temple Fork Outfitters

photo courtesy of Temple Fork Outfitters

Two of the best casting instructors, Lefty Kreh and Ed Jaworowski, both good friends & mentors of mine, have teamed up over the last three years and put together this awesome casting tuturial/video for all fly casters to enjoy. There has been a buzz in the industry over this collaboration. No fly fishing library is complete without one…SHOP HERE!  happy holidays!


Just got back from the Somerset Fly Fishing Show and got my copy signed, this is one video that will stay in the library…


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