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overcast bean…

photo by Al Quattrocchi

photo by al quattrocchi


half and half merkin. photo by al quattrocchi

half and half merkin. photo by al quattrocchi

After willing myself to an early rise I found a small group of finicky feeding Corbina this morning. The overcast, poor lighting conditions made positioning the fly a little more challenging since it was hard to see fish until they were literally on the doorstep. This is when you need to be way back on the beach to make a good cast. The corbina were right where I thought they would be, feeding right at the end of the wave foam, sliding over a small crab bed in inches of water. After three solid bumps and a few choice words I finally got one to stick. Glad I sharpened the hooks last night. At first I thought this fish was fouled by the way it fought, I couldn’t turn him. He fought especially hard in shallow water and never ran long, dogging me every time I got him in close. After around ten minutes I surfed him onto the sand and saw my fly under his lip. He was revived and released to fight another battle on another beach. This is the best time to try for corbina with a fly. It is my favorite time of the year…

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