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fleye foils to be introduced at the reno fly tackle show…


new cover of fly tyer magazine with bob’s new fleye foil candies

just finished designing bob’s new two-sided business cards and fleye foil logo. I completely hand drew Bob’s signature from a loose sketch. the last signature I did similar to this was seriously, frank sinatras. lol

if any of you fine folks in fly fishing cyberland are going to the Reno fly tackle dealership show in August, please stop by the Tuffleye booth to say hi to ashley, ned and bob. bob popovics should be tying and displaying his new fleye foils. these new fleye foils will make tying candies a snap, no more fussing with individual eyes and trying to line them up. bob is always bending that curve…and making the process easier for everyone to tie nice looking flies.

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popfleye foils

©2012 photo by bob popovics

© 2012 photo by bob popovics

My good buddy Bob Popovics has come up with a new way to create a realistic surf candy. It’s called Fleye Foils and they will initially come in three different styles, a bay anchovy, a silverside, and a sand eel. No one knows baits as well as Mr. Popovics and there will be more baits added to his line in the near future. The foils apply to each side of the fly with a tab and are fixed in place by using epoxy or tuffleye to cover the fly. They have eyes, a lateral line and are are iridescent just like the real baits appear in nature. The surf candy was originally developed by Bob to be a bomb-proof, durable bait for toothy species like large bluefish. Bob has always been a great friend and mentor for me and I am very fortunate and honored to be able to help Bob with some of the new illustrations that will appear on his new packaging.  I will post them as soon as we get an approval on the illustrations. I am very excited about these new foils and can’t wait start tying with them.

© 2012 copyright Bob Popovics.

This is the new logo I just created for Bob’s new Fleye Foil venture. This one has the bay anchovy represented. I did a sand eel and silverside (spearing) bait as well…

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