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edison fly fishing show – january 2023

Sorry for this late post! Last month I was fortunate to travel to the Edison Fly Fishing Show in New Jersey with my good friend Larry Acord/Bajios Rod Socks. I was asked by Tail magazine to walk the show, distribute magazines and hopefully get some new and old friends to contribute content for future articles and fly tying pieces. I even got to meet up with all my friends at the American Museum of Fly Fishing booth which was great. Check them out online, they provide lots of great fly fishing history and content.

It is always bitter sweet for me to visit this well attended east coast fly fishing show because I have lots of history growing up back there and seeing all my old fly fishing friends kind of makes me sad we aren’t living closer to each other. There is so much saltwater fly fishing history on the east coast; it is where is all began here in America. The fly tiers are unequaled in their mastery. It always feels like its a high school reunion walking up and down the aisles. I always run into interesting people and get to make new friends. How can you not get inspired by all the talented new fly tiers on instagram these days like Capt. Ben Whalley for instance. Ben’s from Maine, he’s so talented and such a cool dude. As soon as I saw Ben we gave each other a big hug. Its that passion and mutual comradery that I always feel at this show. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great group of fishing buddies out here on the west coast. I am very fortunate and blessed. I just wish more of the younger west coast anglers would embrace saltwater flyfishing as one community and be more inclusive, less into their little clicks, and self promotion. Anyhow I am getting off my soapbox! Sorry for that digression.

It was very refreshing to be able to mingle with some amazing fly fishermen in Edison, see lots of cool new products and rub elbows with the legends of our sport. I am always learning something new. The fly shows look to be back on the rise after the dreaded Covid lost years. The Edison Show for me has always been a great indicator of how the fly fishing industry is doing as a whole, it always leads the pack! The enthusiasm seems to be high and we seem to all be moving in the right direction. Spread the love and take a stranger fishing. Cheers – Al Q

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