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pic of the day!


A beautiful 600 pound mako puts on a show. photo by Al Quattrocchi

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carp sight casting primer…



Conway and I will have a very informal presentation on carp behavior and presentation techniques at Lake Hodges on Saturday, May 30th between 9am & noon. We will all meet at the main lawn area by the concession building at Lake Hodges. Conway will cover casting and presentation, fly patterns and lake strategy. Ask lots of questions. John Hendrickson will be on hand as well, and I would pick his brain, he’s one of the best carp fly fisherman around.
It is sort of a pre throwdown primer to the main event at Henshaw on Saturday, June 13th. Hope to see some new carp faces there, its a good opportunity to ask questions and tighten the loops. The boys at the Fly Stop will bring some hot carp flies for you guys to check out or purchase as well…cheers


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mark your calendars…


I highly recommend coming out this june to the hodaddy of all carparandum, the bowman/q carp throwdown. this is a feel good, fun event held at lake henshaw. we have partnered up with the fly stop this year so please stop by their shop and show some love. barbecue and live music on the friday day night before. camp out or rent a bungalow. great prizes. this will be our forth one. we try to time it right around the famous hopper hatch, when grasshoppers literally get blown into the lake and are gorged upon by acres of carp. the event is a fly only tournament, and most of the fish are caught believe it or not on dry flies on the surface. wade or boat, it’s sick, it defies logic but it all happens in june,  join us! it’s on!  registration should be up on the fly stop website soon.

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