charity permit tournament…6 spots left?

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The El Palometero is a 501(c)(3) fly fishing tournament in Ascension Bay. It’s hosted by The Punta Allen Fishing Club, The Grand Slam Lodge, and Tail Fly Fishing Magazine to benefit the school in Punta Allen. You will target tarpon, bonefish, snook, and the elusive permit in the place that boasts more super slams than anywhere else in the world. Only 20 rods available – register today.You will be joined by:Chico FernandezTim BorskiEnrico PuglisiAlberto ChoppiniJoseph BallariniTrey Reid& El Palometero
It benefits the schools and children of Punta Allen.It is a 501(c)(3) tax is the right thing to do to support a fishing community very much in need of an upgrade.The goodie bags are RIDICULOUS!Help us improve the schools for this and the next generation.All while fishing with Chico Fernandez, Enrico Puglisi, Tim Borski, Alberto Choppini, Joseph Ballarini and Trey Reid.What an opportunity!
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catch upon your history…

As your West Coast ambassador to The American Museum of Flyfishing located in Manchester Vermont. It’s my obligation to bring you guys as much fun content on flyfishing history. Please click here to give a listen to the Wet Fly Swing podcast on some of our great history of flyfishing with the AMOF museum curator Jim Schottenham: CLICK HERE

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the new trout unlimited magazine cover

I was honored when my friend and editor of TU, Kirk Deeter asked me to do a trout illustration for the cover of their national magazine. Check out the behind the scenes conversation below…
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Mighty Waters…

Ansil Saunders has held the bonefishing world record since 1971. This year, he will be inducted

into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame and @coldcollaborative is excited to share his story through

the film “Mighty Waters”. A man even more graceful and powerful than his back cast, Ansil

Saunders led the Bahamas out of colonization alongside Martin Luther King’s march for the

United States. Sponsored by // @simmsfishing @costasunglasses @flyfishmuseum

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fly of the week…the Q worm fly

Never underestimate the power of the worm fly. Here are two simple examples of a weighted and non weighted version of the Q Worm Fly tied by Al Quattrocchi. These flies can imitate fresh or saltwater worms, eels or leeches. The back portions are tied on mono and added to the bend of the hook shank. This extension allows the rabbit tails not to foul.
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crooked island recap…

Last November between Delta and Omicron variants, LOL, me and some of the boys escaped out of the states to the southern most end of the Bahamas for a week of flats flyfishing. Our mission was to explore a place called Crooked Island, which has a population of around 250 people, remote was an understatement. I have written an article for tail magazine that should be coming out soon, so I will not go into too much detail except the fact that Crooked Island is a really cool, safe destination with lots of hospitality and pretty good fishing. We stayed at the Crooked / Acklins Trophy lodge. You can book through The Fly Shop in Redding. Ask for Eric. The lodge had great food, clean rooms and fine staff. Bring the bug spray if the mosquitos like you, it was the only negative of the trip. We caught lots of different exotic species. If it’s bonefish you seek this is paradise. There are permit and triggerfish to play with but they are wary and you must commit full days to get those perfect shots to count. I recommend if your heading to the Bahamas and want to get away from it all to keep this place on your radar. We are going back in 2023!

-Al Q

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tis the season…

Here’s your chance to get that last minute stocking stuffer or holiday item for your fishy friends…

check out the store tabs in the menu header of this website for some fun flyfishing items….

Happy Hoildays!

-Al Q

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Square Off3 – photo exhibit, last day, this Saturday.

If anyone is around this Saturday and find themselves near Culver City it’s the final day to view Square Off 3 photography show in person at the Helms Bakery’s Washington Corridor. The show is a square format that highlights architecture in and around Los Angeles and abroad. I created this show to help non profits and helped curate it. All photos are still for sale and help support a great cause. They make a great holiday gift. For more info and to see the remaining photos for sale please click here!

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tail magazine

Hey gang:

As some of you may already know I am honored to recently become the new west coast editor of tail magazine. Tail is the premiere saltwater fly fishing magazine published out of Florida. Tail is a bi-monthly magazine with 6 issues per year. The July/August issue is the first break out issue on the west coast that I had a hand in making happen. I was honored to ask some of my good friends and fishing buddies to contribute fun articles on some of the cool fly fishing opportunities we have going for us on our salty west coast. Please pick up a copy online or ask your local fly shop to start carrying it. I am always looking for good content so if you write, saltwater fly fish and have a good idea for a west coast article, please let me know? You know where to reach me…tight lines…

-Al Q

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new decals in the shop….

My favorite cephalopod is finally represented…octopus are just really cool! -Al Q

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