intercepter 007: beach cleanup

This is a success story in the making, a great solution to cleaning up all the storm trash that filters out into Santa Monica Bay. It’s nice to finally see innovative solutions to problems that can be overbearing. Please watch this video, its really special….and I am so glad its in my backyard.


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2 thoughts on “intercepter 007: beach cleanup

  1. Fred Barkis

    Pretty cool Al!

    As a local salt water fly guy, and also as a Fireboat Pilot for the Port of Long Beach, I see the results of trash flowing out of our local rivers and flood control channels on a regular basis.

    The city of Long Beach has been using a boom containment and crane bucket claw system for many years in the L.A. River, but to me it is very inefficient and cannot keep up with the heavy debris loads. Several of these fancy barges in the LA River, just down river of Ocean Avenue Bridge could really make an impact on keeping a lot of that waste out of Long Beach Harbor, Long Beach shoreline, Seal Beach, and the rest of the adjoining waters.

    All of these above named areas are enjoyed by all types of people, including us fly fishermen!

    I’m sending this YouTube link up my chain of command to see if my City Management or the Mayor’s office might consider doing this in the LA River and the San Gabriel River!

  2. Great idea Fred, send it up the chain of command, hopefully it will enlighten some decision makers to start thinking about better ways to help our pollution problem. Every little bit helps, we are a community, we can all do our part…

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