mid summer bassin in the heat.

Finally got to fish with John Ives at private Lake Sherwood on Sunday am. We hit it at dark o’ thirty hoping for a decent topwater bite but unfortunately got no love on the popper. I fired off tight casts along the banks that normally would have raised fish, but I think the water being so warm, had pushed them into deeper water. I had two fish wake and push the popper but never fully committed, so we decided to go subsurface with the deadly float n fly setup. The FNF is basically a small indicator that rides about nine feet over the fly. You can adjust it according to the depth needed. This system should be outlawed, I have crushed fish in the past with it. My other buddy Gary, who fishes here often is a master of this technique and has this lake dialed in with his green balanced leech. We fished small, size 6 baitfish patterns in olive over white about two inches in length. We found the fish boiling in thirty feet of clear water. It was stupid fishing once we dialed in the pattern. John and I were literally dead sticking till the float ticked then swinging; almost every fish got stuck in the top lip. I have no idea how many fish we stuck, but we were pretty stoked to get an epic bite. My expectations giving the middle of summer heat was if we caught a few fish each it would have been an awesome morning. I had no idea we would walk into a bass smack down. The fish had concentrated into one small area. Once the sun came over the horizon it was over. We were literally off the lake by 9:30am and the air temperature was 91 degrees. The moral of this story is you never know unless you go! Tight Lines….Al Q

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One thought on “mid summer bassin in the heat.

  1. Justin Carroll

    Jesus that’s insane. Killer day!

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