The redear sunfish…i stand corrected.

I was off base when I referred to these fish as big bluegills or gillzillas, until my friend Greg enlightened me. They actually are Redear sunfish and will readily take a small balanced leech style fly under an indicator. Here’s the difference. Redear sunfish have a more gold and green coloration with faint vertical bars, while bluegills have more yellow or orange coloration. The main difference between the two is their operculum colors. The bluegill features a deep blue or black color while the redear sunfish has red or orange tips near its head. I learn new stuff every day on the water… – Al Q

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4 thoughts on “The redear sunfish…i stand corrected.

  1. Justin Carroll

    Red Ear or Bluegill – those are some fatso healthy slabs! Looks like endless fun.

  2. better you than me… those pictures look like bluegill to me LOL

    • surf rob

      we have some big slabs like that in a couple of local stocked ponds… they can be tough to get at times on anything, but the most fun is when a hatch goes off and you can get them on top water.

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