Lefty Statue coming….

It’s been four years since my pal, Lefty Kreh passed away due to a weak heart. He was truly larger than life, a real legend of the sport of flyfishing. The group known as the Friends of Lefty Kreh (FOLK) spearheaded by Andy Mekelburg, president of the Potomac Valley Fly Fishers are planning to erect a life size statue with the slogan, “Everyone knows Lefty” Read Story Here!

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3 thoughts on “Lefty Statue coming….

  1. surf rob

    Why does lefty cast using his right hand?

    asking for a friend ?? ??

    Nice article and hope they are successful in erecting the statue. He was up our way several times, though I did not get a chance to meet him myself.

    Regards, Rob ________________________________

  2. I believe he started out right handed, then hurt his arm pretty bad in a freak accident causing him to switch. He was ambidextrous and a marksman with a rifle as well, great hand and eye coordination. He could shoot and aspirin out of the air with a bb gun.

  3. Flip Pallot’s book is a great biography. Very humble man. Not large in stature but certainly a giant. Thanks for the news Al.

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