the new trout unlimited magazine cover

I was honored when my friend and editor of TU, Kirk Deeter asked me to do a trout illustration for the cover of their national magazine. Check out the behind the scenes conversation below…
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8 thoughts on “the new trout unlimited magazine cover

  1. warren fox

    Hey Q

    Very nice interview. I remember you showing me your drawing at your 4 by 4 photo exhibit. I am delighted to now see it on TU cover. It really does enhance and add a special eye catching look to the magazine. Besides, your really desire the recognition having it as the cover.


  2. Jeff Andrew

    Great cover photo. I didn’t know about your professional life. Great story. I enjoyed it.

    • thanks Andrew, I have had a fun ride creatively, there’s many more stories that didn’t get told…maybe over a beer some day. LOL

  3. Zachnathian

    I had no idea who you are until I saw the TU cover. I got the Winter 22 TU, saw the cover and thought, I have to see if I can get a print of that. Looked you up…How do I not know you, lol. How can I get a print?

  4. Leslie

    Love this art! Do you have any for sale?

    • yes, what are you interested in?
      check the top tab called Corbina Diaries book, there’s prints for sale there.

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