live presentation at Conejo fly fishing club…

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3 thoughts on “live presentation at Conejo fly fishing club…


    Sorry ahead of time but I couldn’t figure out how to contact you any other way. I had a question regarding fly lines.
    For corbina, I usually fish a 6 wt with the Rio Fathom fly line but I’d like a back up rod and all I have is a 9 wt. what type of line do you suggest? The Fathom series only goes up to 8 Wt. would 8 wt line work on my 9 wt rod or do I need a completely different line? This back up rod is primarily for corbina, but I’ll occasionally be using it to fish kelp patties as well. Any suggestions for fly line?
    Thank you for any information

  2. I suggest you use a T8 shooting head (30 ft) matched to an intermediate running line. Rio should have a 30 ft T8 head, then attach to a intermediate .035 diameter running line. Check Airflo for running lines.)An easier optiion is to look at Scientific Anglers and check out their Sonar Surf Line Series, a Intergrated 300 grain would match up to your 9 weight, its a little heavy but you should be able to cast it and use this setup for all inshore applications too…

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