last of the holy moley kits online…SOLD OUT

I think there are two kits left in the store if anyone else is interested in picking up a dozen pack of materials? The kit will provide materials for six grey and six pink Holy Moley flies for sight casting to corbina. The kit does not include any fly tying tools. I will provide a zoom link to a private tying class once the last two kits are sold to everyone who purchased a kit. cheers ans happy hunting.

  • Al Q

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4 thoughts on “last of the holy moley kits online…SOLD OUT

  1. Scott Boller

    I just got out of a meeting only to discover the kits are all sold out. Hopefully you may offer them again in the future.

  2. I hope so, this was an experiment Scott, if it goes well and everyone enjoys this format, I will do it again for sure and possibly add some different flies. If I can rally I will try to make up one last one for you.

  3. Dennis

    I also missed out after setting my alarm to noonish. But, I did receive your Corbina Diaries. Great book and thanks a million!

    • sorry Dennis, you’ll have to try for the next time…thanks for kudos on the book, glad you enjoyed it. đŸ™‚


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