fly of the week.

The QGill is a fun bluegill pattern tied using all SF Blend in four colors, there is lead wrapped around the shank so the fly can slow sink. Markings are done with waterproof sharpies. Hook is a Mustad 4/0 tarpon hook. Go big or go home. lol Spring is here and the bass on on the beds, I’ll be swimming this fly along the tules – AlQ – Photography by Al Quattrocchi

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5 thoughts on “fly of the week.

  1. Jerry Pierce

    Al,Nice fly.  Thanks for the offers of help. Jerry

  2. Mike Ward

    That’s one damn good looking fly! Mike

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Eduardo Feller

    It is a most beautiful fly.

  4. Scott Boller

    A work of art that fly is!

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