can you name these local SoCal baits?

For the first correct answer, I will give away a free Corbina Diaries book, please place you answer in the comment section under this post. Good luck.

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19 thoughts on “can you name these local SoCal baits?

  1. Mike Burke

    1. Mackerel 2. Smelt 3. Sardine 4. Bonita. ????

  2. Rich Fernand


  3. Fred Barkis

    1 and 4 are Green Mackerel (1 is a juvenile)
    2 is a Pacific Sardine
    3 is Spanish Mackerel

  4. Dennis Martinez

    smelt, anchovy, spanish mackerel, bonitio

  5. Mike Urabe

    1. Green mackerel
    2. Sardine
    3. Spanish mackerel
    4. Blue mackerel

  6. Jim Van Evera

    Pacific greenback mackerel, sardine, Spanish mackerel, pacific greenback again.

  7. thanks for the effort, not correct!

  8. warren s fox

    dead baits

  9. lewr

    1 pacific mackerel
    2 sardine
    3 anchovy
    4 spanish mackerel

  10. Pacific mackerel
    Jack mackerel
    Spanish mackerel

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