its almost popping time…

The pandemic has me inside bouncing off the walls, so I am enjoying tying some flies that I normally do not tie just to stay in shape. I hope to use these poppers this spring.

I recently made some home-made bass poppers using some found black high density foam off of some packaging that came in the mail. I just cut out some rectangles with a single edge razor, adding weed guards to the bass hooks, slit the foam to cover the shanks, dropped some Zap Ca thin glue into the slit and used a material clamp to hold the foam together while the glue cured. On the rear of the fly I used some 1/4 inch rabbit strip and EP brush. Then I burned some holes into the foam with a cauterizer, (you can heat up your bodkin with a lighter to accomplish the same effect) and added some thick zap a gap glue into the eye holes and positioned and set the doll eye stems into the cavities. Viola! Keep your mind active by re-purposing materials when you can. Stay safe and have fun!

Photos by Al Quattrocchi

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2 thoughts on “its almost popping time…

  1. Dan

    Will you be using these for bass, or do you use them in the surf?

    • freshwater bass, but you can use them in saltwater for baby tarpon and snook, i would change the hook to a stronger version for saltwater.

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