in the old days…

What a great historic photograph! This photo was taken November 10, 1927 off a party boat out of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn where I grew up as a child. I graduated Sheepshead Bay High school, where I first joined the Striped Bass fishing club, took marine biology and oceanography as electives and spent many days fishing the piers and party boats. It was a great place to grow up and eat fresh seafood.

Sheepshead Bay was once home to the largest commercial party boat fleet in the world and only a train ride south from the bustling populated borough of Manhattan. It was very common in the winter months to bottom fish and catch cod, pollack, blackfish, seabass and ling on a 1/2 day boat. The gentleman holding up the double is the “Bambino”, aka Babe Ruth and his fishing partner to his right is the Iron Horse, or great Yankee first basemen, Lou Gehrig who played 17 seasons in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees. The Babe loved to fish as much as he loved to hit the long ball. How cool would it have been to run into these guys on a fishing trip. LOL

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5 thoughts on “in the old days…

  1. Justin Carroll

    Wow ā€“ what a great shot and bit of history. I’m sure the Babe would’ve mastered the long corbina cast…

  2. Mike Burke

    What a cool photo. What kind of fish are they? I wonder if the kid was a Yankee fan!

  3. Jerry Pierce

    It is a great photo!

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