beer, fly fishing & food podcast…

I got to speak with two of my good fly fishing friends last week, Alex Ramirez and Dave Schonzeit on their newly launched, Beer, Fly Fishing & Food podcast. It was fun to tell a few stories, have a few laughs and share some old memories together, take a listen!

From Brooklyn to Beach Bugs to Baja!


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4 thoughts on “beer, fly fishing & food podcast…

  1. Warren Fox

    It was very entertaining to listen Q he is a master at telling stories and he is a wonderful educator.

  2. Al, Alex, and Dave,

    This is Joseph from Santa Barbara.

    I put together all the ingredients to bake 2 loaves of bread while listening to your podcast. It is now rising and looking beautiful.

    You guys are like the doll that my daughter loved, Chatty Cathy. Just pull the string and the stories never stop!!

    Thanks for having Al Q on your podcast.

    He has been an important part of the SO CAL surf fishing scene for many years. He is so generous and he has fired up many fly fishers to get into the surf.

    When you come to Santa Barbara I will take you to some good beaches and we have about 15 breweries to choose from…….

    Thank you Al !!

    Thank you Alex and Dave,


  3. Hey Joseph, glad you liked it, hope you were drinking along side us! LOL

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