the recap!

For those of you that couldn’t get the podcast on Saturday due to poor reception or just wanted to sleep in, I know that feeling, here is the Let’s Talk Hookup episode on their archive page with me and Conway, Corey and Pete. Hope you enjoy it! How cool is the premiere of “Finding Joe Brooks” gonna be? We all get to drink a few beers, talk about fly fishing, eat some good barbecue and watch a great movie with your buddies and all for a great cause!  Click here for online tickets through Patagonia, Santa Monica:



-Al Q

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2 thoughts on “the recap!

  1. warren fox

    Al, really glad the podcast is available since the radio broadcast reception was terrible. Great program. Also, I am impressed with your on-the-air speaking talent, you are a natural at it, with your ability to convey knowledge, use of descriptive words and a great speaking voice for radio and/or tv.

    • ondafly

      wow, Warren, what a nice compliment, how much do i owe ya LOL! thank you

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