the life of a hook

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3 thoughts on “the life of a hook

  1. michaelleegilmour

    The video ad is well done.

    I would like to see Owner or VMC or someone make leadheads with circle hooks. I’ve been thinking about it and I think that some markets are ready for it. As for me, I fish spotties and I take light ball head leadheads and pinch the barb off and “recurve” the hook itself to be more like a circle hook. I find I never hook a fish deep. It’s always right in the lip and I have a clean release.

    Thanks for listening.


    On Thu, May 16, 2019 at 2:19 PM flies, sand & surf wrote:

    > ondafly posted: ” >” >


    nice,  too bad they are treble hooks

  3. Larry Acord

    Pretty amazing when you think about it.

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