are U 4ocean?


I just stumbled upon this cool website, 4ocean off of instagram and really dig the vibe of the work this fine organization is putting forth. If you purchase a bracelet made from disgarded plastic trash removed from our ocean, ($20 purchase) you actually have helped remove about a pound of plastic! I just jumped in and supported them and will wear my bracelet proudly. Please share the love, we all need to do our share, and please remember to stay away from plastic straws, cups or water bottles, try to drink from metal re-usuable containers. The birds, fish and oceans will thank you!

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6 thoughts on “are U 4ocean?

  1. Al, thanks for the info. I joined and bought two bracelets. This organization is fantastic. Everybody who visits this site should buy a bracelet in support. Do it now.

  2. Don

    What a wonderful idea and thanks for sharing. I just solved my Christmas gift list by buying 7 for the family.

    • ondafly

      Hey Don,
      That’s the spirit pal, they make great holiday gifts and your making a difference…
      See ya at the holiday party..


  3. Scott Boller

    The PCC clubhouse just installed a filtered water spigot to encourage the use of reusable bottles.

    • ondafly

      Nice Scott! hopefully we will all buy in and move in the right direction. its time!

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