thanks for joining us…


photo courtesy of Larry Acord

It was fun hanging out with old and new friends at the SWFFF Fly Fair this weekend in Glendale. It was the first fly show in many years from the SWFFF and lasted two days, Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to everyone who made the trek and got to see Jon and my presentation entitled “The Corbina Diaries” We did one presentation each day. We went over some really cool inside stuff and shared the evolution of Corbina sight fishing which we and our tight group of fishing buddies (Corbina Patrol) worked hard at to pioneer and open up to the next generation of fly anglers. It was great having Jon share his angling insights to approach to sight fishing this fantastic fish on light fly gear. See ya all soon, hopefully on the sand. Think purple!

-Al Q

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4 thoughts on “thanks for joining us…

  1. Mike Hafner

    Will you be doing this again? Such short notice. Sorry I missed it.

    • ondafly

      Probably, maybe at the Double Haul Ball in the spring, stay tuned…

  2. Scott Boller

    Thanks to Al and Jon for a great presentation, tons of tips and insights, got me very stoked to hit the beach!

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