Qs “Holy Moley” sand crab…


I will try to do step by step, got a lot going on this summer, LOL The Holy Moley is a pretty easy pattern to tie, that’s why i like it so much. The original way I tied it is using a Gamakatsu SL11-3H or Diaichi 200R hook. I am trying these new 60 degree jig hooks from Umpqua, they are super sticky. Still need to field test them, so stay with the longer shank Gamas for now, I know they work.  I don’t like to fish complicated flies. It tracks well and sits up high in the sand allowing the Corbina to track it easily. It is narrower and taller than the standard “Surfin Merkin” which is in my opinion one of the best Corbina patterns originated by my buddy Paul Cronin. All the Ep fibers are stacked on top of the shank like a Joe Brooks, high tie. I like to strip this fly fairly quickly with no pauses.  I have had had some epic outings this year with the Holy Moley,  I hope you give them a try and send me some pics of your Corbina with Holy Moleys stuck to their faces…


-Al Q

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8 thoughts on “Qs “Holy Moley” sand crab…

  1. bonefish27@aol.com

    Any fishing around here lately? I had the worst trip to Mammoth I have ever had.

  2. Justin McGruder

    Thanks Al gonna give em a try. I look forward to the Step by Step. I hope to send you some pics where they worked!!


  3. Just found your site this afternoon Al, and I really appreciate you sharing the Holy Moley pattern. I’m new to surf and corbina fishing (lifelong trout guy) and I immediately can see how this pattern is a much closer match to shape / profile of a real sand crab compared to the standard surfin merkin which I’ve used on my several brief outings. I just tied up four Holy Moley patterns and hope to give them a shot this week. Great looking imitation. Thanks for sharing.

    • ondafly

      Gary, this is just an alternative to the surfin merkin which is still a great fly! I hope you catch some Corbina on the Holy Moley, please email me some pics if you do!

  4. Barton

    Hey brother Al Q, hope you’re well! Did you ever do a step-by-step on the holy moley – did I miss it somehow?? Would LOVE to see it. If you ever have a chance……

    You’re the man!


  5. surf rob

    definitely going to try this pattern. Have a number of other mole crab patterns, but this looks like a winner.

    • ondafly

      I try to keep it simple, this pattern worked really well for me last season.
      I had my personal best morning with it…
      Just sharing the love

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