thank ya Fly Stop…

I made the pilgrimage down to San Diego this past weekend to tie a few flies for my friends at the Fly Stop. The topic was EP (Enrico Puglisi) style flies tied with Enrico materials using Enrico’s techniques. My goal was to try to keep it simple and less intimidating for new fly tiers. I have caught fish on all the patterns we tied and I tried to do salt and freshwater, a little something for everybody. We did a Bluegill, Calamari, Sand Crab (Q version), Sardina/Anchovy hybrid & a weighted or loaded Shad. Good times, with some old and new friends. Thanks to the Fly Shop for hosting me. I come to San Diego frequently to visit family, so if anyone would like to fish the next time I am down, please let me know? Tight lines…


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2 thoughts on “thank ya Fly Stop…


    How did that go? You are dedicated for putting these events on. I was stuck on the high seas fighting it out conventional style.

    • ondafly

      It went well, the room was filled with standing room only. Maybe 12 to 15 people? Every seemed to enjoy it, they asked lots of great questions and most of them stayed for the full three hours which blew me away. Steve Piper was cool and helped me put all the EP fibers back in the packages which helped big time…LOL

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