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Well what can I say, this photo comes to me a little late, (like from a week ago), but needs to be shared. My buddy Randy got the itch to run long for some Bluefin tuna action out of San Diego on his center console and while looking and fishing for schoolie BFT, he flylines a sardine under some birds and this 160 pounder eats his bait and decides to take him for a ride. Fishing SOLO, Randy stayed on this fish for almost three hours, it took all his line 6 times until he was able to head gaff it and tail rope it. What an amazing story and catch. Oh, and all on 30 pound test with a 1/0 hook. I am calling him the “old man in the sea” from now on, lol WTG pal! A fish of a lifetime on light tackle. Photo courtesy of Randall Norris.

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3 thoughts on “pic of the day…

  1. Way to go Randy! What a battle and what an outstanding achievement.

  2. George Semel

    Old man and the Sea is one of my favorite novels! Hemingway would be proud and with a fly rod. Some fresh Tuna for the grill too. 1/0 hook maybe he can share the fly pattern!

    • ondafly

      Fly-lined a sardine means free swimming a live sardine, not to take anything away form this outstanding catch, Randy landed that tuna on conventional tackle.

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