new year’s day surf session…


All photos courtesy of Al Q’s iPhone

I decided to do a little recon at one of my favorite local perch spots on New Years Day morning. I decided to save my casting arm, lay down the fly rod and cast the spinning rod with a lucky craft to cover water. The first cast of 2018 was rewarded with a Corbina, say what, crazy, but true. Hope it is an omen! LOL The water was clean and 62 degrees, a little warm for this time of year. I walked and ran into some monster size smelt, all on landed on the lucky craft. I ended up with 8 smelt. Finally got a good grab at my feet and it turned out to be my target species the very rare these days,  barred surf perch.  The perch fishing seems to be in swing up north, I hope more of the large perch show up down here if the water gets a little cooler, they are a blast on the fly…  -Al Q

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8 thoughts on “new year’s day surf session…

  1. Joe Knapik

    Al, Good to see you on the beach, Jan & I really miss fishing the surf ! we have a thing up here in Oregon called sneaker waves, not good! we lose a few people each year because of them. went out New Years Day and landed a wild Cutty and a wild Steelie on the ‘gate two miles from home. Happy New Years Bro! Joe

  2. Scott Boller

    What a great way to start the new year, cheers!

  3. Greg Webster

    Wow! Corbina in January? That’s awesome.

  4. Greg Webster

    Up here in SLO we have plenty of perch. Come get ’em!

    • ondafly

      Hey Greg:
      I know, you have colder water up there. The reports form up north have been positive. I will be heading up your way soon…

    • ondafly

      new years bean, good start to the year. lol

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