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Ken River Fly Shop & Guy Jeans School of Flyfishing Logos. Creative direction and design courtesy of Al Quattrocchi. ©2017 Tornado Creative. All rights reserved.


Fremont Deli logo. Creative direction and design courtesy of Al Quattrocchi. ©2017 Tornado Creative. All rights reserved.

I am taking over Kernville! Not quite. LOL. What an honor to be able to design a bunch of cool logos for my pal, Guy Jeans and his new neighbor, Melissa Campbell who just recently opened a deli entitled Fremont Deli. She wanted her logo to resemble the old National Parks vintage posters of old, so that’s what i delivered. Now when I visit my buddy Guy’s fly shop, there’s a fun place to grab lunch and get fly materials. Please drop in and support them if you are in the neighborhood. Cheers – Al Q

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8 thoughts on “recent logo work…

  1. Peter


  2. Ken Kanine

    We were just up at Kernville last week with the kids and the new grandbaby. Water is way high and dangerous. Stopped by the flyshop but they told us to stay out of the water! Already have had a few drownings…. I did however buy a new fishing cap with the new logo on it. Marketing genius I would say! The girls next door tried luring us into the deli but we had just had lunch. Maybe next time.

    • ondafly

      good stuff Ken! I haven’t tried the Fremont Deli either, look forward to the next time I am up that way.

  3. Steve

    Your signs look great!

  4. Andy "Montana" Koczon

    As always, nice, distinctive and compelling design work…sets you apart; always classy and pleasing to the eye. You got talent kid. And I did Kernville in March, just to see the water…was not disappointed and stopping for a purchase at Guy’s place was a must.



    • ondafly

      Thanks Andy, I will give ya a shout next time I head down south to visit the family

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