here’s a topic to ponder…


Click here to witness the next wave of drones. How do you feel about this new technology for fishing, please voice your opinions here, i am very curious…  visit PowerRay website

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8 thoughts on “here’s a topic to ponder…

  1. Well it’s a high tech fish finder, while I have no problem with it, how is this going to work if a record fish is caught using the product? In hunting there is what is called Fair Chase, not using radio’s and aircraft to find game, at least a trophy would be barred from the Boone and Crockett Record Book! I can’t see myself bothering with it, I would rather take the money, for that and the Ipad and phone and use it to go fishing in the first place! To each his own I guess!

    • ondafly

      Hey George, they are making it easy for people that don’t want to work for it. I agree with you, the fun is in the chase and trying to figure things out with your mind and instincts, catching that trophy is a reward and should be something your proud of accomplishing with skill.


    might be out of our price range for the Pipe

  3. don

    I had some jerk drone me and film me while I was on the Kanektok last year. So you go all the way to Alaska to fish and you cannot escape technology. And there seems no limit to folks who would rather play with toys than participate in a sport. I think it is sad!

    • ondafly

      Amen! I think the technology has a place in this world, like for saving people and military purposes, but let’s keep fishing mysterious and challenging. It’s sort of like using steroids in baseball, it makes it too easy and is unfair to the integrity of the sport…

  4. If just hooking a fish is the goal, then sure. I fly fish for the challenge. If I had to fish to survive, I’d use a net, treble hooks, or dynamite. We use boats and sonar to find fish, so this is a logical evolution, but I’m in it for the challenge. Some will use it, but I won’t. Further, I agree with the fair chase concept.

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