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This just came across my desk the other day by my contributing editor, Dr. John Whitaker.
Check out this website, it sounds like a great project the we can all participate in.

December 2016
We are looking forward to King Tides on Dec 12-14 & Jan 10-13!  Get ready to head out to your local beach, lagoon or wetland and help us document king tides next week. Follow the photo-taking guidelines and use this tide chart to find high tide heights and times for all of SoCal.

Join us January 11, 2017 for an Urban Tides Community Beach Walk in Torrance. We’ll take photos, chat about sea level rise, the benefits of natural shorelines, and the latest scientific modeling results that project sea level rise and coastal storms in Southern California.  Meet at 7:30 AM at the end of the strand near the main lifeguard station on Torrance Beach. The closest cross streets are Paseo de la Playa and Via Rivera.

Click Here!

Links to Videos!

Malibu Lagoon Video!

San Diego Coast Video!

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2 thoughts on “ca king tides project…


    Would love to but I will be out of town that week. Peter


    We are all down at the beach fishing anyway and most of us have are cell cameras. this is a no brainer

    Happy Holidays

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