hawaiian bliss…

Here’s a little photo collage of our trip last week to Molokai and Oahu with my friends Denny, Peter, Zino and Roy. This was my first Hawaiian bonefishing experience and my Hawaiian buds got it wired. We spent three days in Molokai and one day in Oahu. What an amazing fishery to experience first hand. Seeing two to three foot bonefish, dorsels and tails cutting through the water, less than ten feet from me in knee deep water was epic. In fact i am ruined, and keep playing those images in my head. The boys all did great, I had never fished there before and had a hard time getting those fish to eat the fly, well, I either spooked them or they plain out refused my offerings, maybe because I was a haole, LOL. I learned a ton and hopefully shall return one day with a better luck or game plan. I will say the weather, and tropical depression was not working in our favor, but that is all part of the game. If it was easy it wouldn’t keep you coming back. It’s not always about catching and I always take away something positive wherever I go. The highlights of the trip for me was the camaraderie, sunsets, great local food and great aloha spirit my friends showed me during my stay. I want to thank our friend Ken for his hospitality and sharing his backyard with us. Hawaii is a special place and I am blessed to have been able to experience that fishery with such good friends! Mahalo.

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One thought on “hawaiian bliss…

  1. Peter Koga

    Well said Al. I’ve been at this for 13-14 years and have never seen that many super tanker bonefish tailing and exploding all around us and not eat. At times all you can do is sit back, enjoy the spectacle and laugh, knowing that you’ll probably never see this happen again. I specifically recall the moment when you were crouched over trying to make a cast to a double digit bone tailing 15′ in front of you when 4 bonefish of equal size exploded behind you on your back cast, spooking you and the fish you were targeting! Next time we’ll have to fish back-to-back,, you watching the front and me watching the back!
    Fun times w great friends and always learning something new whenever I come back.

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