it’s in the book…


Well, i can finally sleep at night knowing that that once in a lifetime achievement is officially recorded and documented by the IGFA. These two flyfishing records officially got in last friday. What a crazy morning, May 14th, 2016 was. Seems like a dream in slow motion. Special thanks to my pal, Dr. John Whitaker for taking me to the promiseland…

Hope to see some of you all at the Saltwater Fly gathering at the Southbay Flyfishing club in Westchester tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. Its an informal meeting to share information so we can all be better at the game we love…I will hopefully kick it off with an IGFA film of Ted Williams fly fishing the keys… tight lines

-Al Q

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13 thoughts on “it’s in the book…

  1. Justin

    Damn! Nice going Al. Your legend lives on!


    Congratulations Al!!! So stoked for you man!

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  3. Jim Solomon

    Once in millions of lifetimes. Way to go Al!

  4. ondafly

    thanks guys, now it back to reality! LOL

  5. Carl Crawford

    Gonna have to refer to you as the Michael Phelps-Usain Bolt of Saltwater Fly Fishers🐠🐟🏅🏅
    Congratulations Al!

  6. ondafly

    Thats a good one Carl! LOL

  7. Mike Ward

    Congratulations, my friend! Truly an unbelievable accomplishment! Mike

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Jerry Pierce



    could not happen to a more deserving guy

  10. Congratulations Al!

  11. Scott Boller

    Way to go Al! Legendary accomplishment!

  12. Ken Harada


    Nice records!

    I cannot attend the meeting tonight. I am renewing my CPR certification . Please keep me on your list for the Saltwater Fly group. I hope to make the next meeting .


    • ondafly

      no worries Ken, it is just going to be a group of guys telling fish stories LOL

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