pic of the day, from colorado


Photo courtesy of Timm Tews

Here’s a fish I caught last week.  It is about 11 inches shy of the more interesting trout to be had here (45 minutes away), but is pretty technical fishing to snatch them.  (I hooked it twice…the first time laying on my side to present a zero profile.)  Sight fishing for trout.  Several people fished over this trout, not even knowing it was there.  I wish you were here to share it with you.



Timm, I wish I was there just to watch you hook that beast! LOL, great fish brother, keep the pics coming… -Al Q

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3 thoughts on “pic of the day, from colorado

  1. Tom Herrington

    Timm, that’s an excellent fish young man. There will be many more to come when skill and perseverance such as yours are enabled. Now for that big Brown boy …

  2. Rick

    I need a class for casting on one’s side or prone position so as to create a zero profile!
    Almost like “face in the dirt soldier”! Nice fish bud!

  3. Timm Tews

    Al, I was scrolling down and…wait a minute…I know that guy. I’m humbled that you posted this! (I’m also glad I didn’t carry on about it any more than I did. Ha.) It was a memorable day. Thanks, mate. Timm Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 16:28:59 +0000 To: timmtews@msn.com

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