a picture is worth a thousand words…


Thanks to all who participated and helped make the LAST OSF a great success. Photo by Titano Cruz.

This past One Surf Fly was the last One Surf Fly for Al Quattrocchi

Well, I am going to say it was a privilege and honor to have created such a well received fly fishing event. It was grass roots, for the people by the people. We raised over $25,000 for many non-profits all of which either help support our mother ocean or helped those less fortunate experience the experience of fly fishing. This was the ninth OSF event I put together with many of my friends. This event originated right at Dockweiler and it was fitting to have the last one right back we we began. I want to thank the SW council for helping me this year, it was much needed due to my tight schedule and family issues. I want to thank all my sponsors over the years. They will all be getting  personal letter from me. This goes to show you that anything is possible, and we can all do good things for the sport, we are so passionate about.

When I started the One Surf Fly, there was nothing fun going on in our local fly fishing scene. I am glad to see this event sparked others in our industry to follow suit. The OSF was created to bring people together to share experiences, make new friendships and help people. I believe we all accomplished this together. There are many new challenges ahead, and I plan to be involved in more cool flyfishing things like the Carp Throwdown and The Double Haul Ball.

The Double Hall Ball and fly fishing education are areas I am very interested in building. We have a great core of guys and gals that work with us each year. Some of the best casting instructors in the world. I hope my sponsors will help us grow these events and help us make a difference in our fly fishing community through generous contributions.

To all of those who experienced the One Surf Fly first hand, I want to personally thank you for being part of something very special. I will never forget the days we spent on the sand.

Cheers and tight lines, but not too tight…

-Al Q


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6 thoughts on “a picture is worth a thousand words…

  1. Mike Ward

    Very nice, my friend! Total class! Mike

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Jim Solomon

    Al, you have done a superb job in promoting the great angling experience of the Surf! Congrats! Jimmy

  3. ondafly

    thanks guys, it takes a village and you guys were a big part of the success of the One Surf Fly…

  4. Jerry Pierce

    Good job Al. Jerry

  5. Scott Boller

    Al, I had a great time and look forward to participating in other events with you in the future, great job!

  6. Timm Tews

    Al, Congratulations, Al, on a job well done! Although I love that you heightened attention to the surf fly fishing opportunity in So Cal, it is really cool that money was raised for others. It reveals the character behind the man. I thank you for your friendship to me and those who have benefited from your hard work. Timm Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:55:15 +0000 To: timmtews@msn.com

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