the mod…


courtesy of sage

Check out this beautiful video on Sage’s top rod designer, Jerry Siem’s ¬†favorite trout rod, “The Mod”


Click Here!

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4 thoughts on “the mod…

  1. Peter Koga

    Very cool.


  2. Scott Boller

    Well done, shows the art of the sport.

  3. Bob Miler

    Nice video BUT another rod, another dollar and one less trip for many…go fish more with your gear…you will surprise yourself how your presentation will improve…and how your blood pressure will improve.

    • ondafly

      Not everyone has as much equipment as you, Bob. LOL Technology will continue to change and innovation will move us forward. I enjoy seeing new ideas and innovation in the sport, doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy every new fly rod. If you want to lower your blood pressure use a tin can with some mono wrapped around it. I totally get your point, I hope you get mine! We all choose a sport that isn’t cheap.

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