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Photo by Alex Ramirez

Photo by Alex Ramirez

A olive sculpin designed for freshwater is one of Alex's go to corbina patterns.

A olive sculpin designed for freshwater is one of Alex’s go to corbina patterns.

It’s really nice to see some beans coming to hand. This is a great week of early minus low tides to give it your best shot. Our good friend and Sage, Smith and Rio rep, Alex Ramirez with one of two corbina landed this morning (somewhere in San Diego? LOL) on a olive sculpin pattern. Alex was fishing the new Sage Salt series fly rod.  Way to go brother! I casted these Salt rods and they are awesome casting and fighting tools, perfect for inshore and beach fishing. I personally fish the older Sage 7wt ZAxis with a custom t-8 (approx 27 feet) attached to an Airflo intermediate running line. This morning I went zero for two, I had one really good take, which peeled drag as the fish raced across the shallow flat like it was water skiing then unbuttoned, the second take happened just as I was going to lift my rod to make another cast, the fish stopped the line in an inch of water then popped off. oh yeah, that is corbina fishing, not corbina catching. You must embrace the pain and move forward, tomorrow is another day. 🙂

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One thought on “outside the box…

  1. This resonates for sure – One of my fave So Cal bean moments was with a dark “non salt” pattern. Nothing else was working until I put on a black bugger type fly of all things …

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